by Crowbar Media

Food, at school and at home

I recently started fiddling with photographing food/Products with or without studiolighting. Here are a few examples that are in natural light.


Students, towards freedom!

Today was the day the students in town finally head out towards freedom and the Bright future. 

Canon TS-E 45 2,8

I have been longing to buy a Tilt-Shift lens for years now. I´ve been putting Money away for it, and eventually forgot about the savings. But now i have finally bought the Canon TS-E 45 2,8 lens wich is a lens for more for photographing architecture, but i´ll use it for landscape and portaits.

Here are a couple of images i got when i took a walk today. These are the very first shots with the lens.


{Flen Armfighters} Competition VI

Today we had more World champions in Flen then perhaps on an ordinary day. We visited Flen Armfighters Competition VI today wich resulted in aproximatley 900 images. Here are a few of them fully edited.

{Johanna & Robban} A wedding, a small town

It was a really bright sunny summerday in early august 2012. This day was a typical swedish summersday, hot, sunny and only a few bright white clouds in the sky.