About me

About Per Kålbäck and Per Kålbäck Photography


All my life I have been working in the service industry. My life has been all about pleasing guests without me really accepting it at first.
I am a chef since many years. I have grown to love the fact that what I create is appreciated by others. By people who pay good money to eat food I make and to hear the story behind the products from wich I create their dinner and/or lunch from. Story is a key word here, this is the core.
The story and the meaning of (boldly as I go) ALL is what drives me. I have a deep need for knowing. I am a hard learner, I never made good grades in school by reading theory, but later on when I started to work with my hands creativly I found my calling. Learning came to be easier for me.

I come from a family of amateur painters. My grandfather made stunning work with oil paint and canvas. My mother has a great gift from him, my sister too. They can capture what they see and put it on canvas. I can´t. I do abstract better with waterpaint and pastell.
I can take pictures, and I can do it really well. I would love to say that my work is not mainstream, but I would be lying, I guess my work is mainstream to others. I have not yet truly found my “voice” (popular word these days) but to not doing photography i will never do. Cooking for others is a poart of my voice, coding is also a small but important part. I find great meaning in my life when i interact with other people, knowing i did a good job, a great service. Maybe i am born to late and should have been a butler at a great English court or manor serving a gentleman in the early 20th century.

I am also a webprogrammer, i build webstuff, content management systems small applications and webbpages . I have been coding backend applications for a number of years now, this is still a part of my business. I work with wordpress for this page, but i also make my own CMS platforms for clients.

My professional life is a big pile of puzzlepieces that i am trying to put together… and i´m not done yet.