by Crowbar Media

{Flen Armfighters} Competition VI

Today we had more World champions in Flen then perhaps on an ordinary day. We visited Flen Armfighters Competition VI today wich resulted in aproximatley 900 images. Here are a few of them fully edited.

{Johanna & Robban} A wedding, a small town

It was a really bright sunny summerday in early august 2012. This day was a typical swedish summersday, hot, sunny and only a few bright white clouds in the sky.

{In between} A walk

Easter came and left. We took a walk. We had a football and grandma with us.


A short visit, three snapshots of a bloodline.

{Mobile } Snapshots

I had an iPhone 3Gs for a while and with that i snapped alot more then with other point n shoots. I am a master of destroying phones and the 3Gs is no different, i upgraded to a 4S but i don´t like the camera in that one. The lens and all around the camera in the 4S is supposed to be better but i don´t like the images from it.

Theese images are taken i mid life, on jobs, on days off, in the garden, in the forest, on a lake, in a field, in the emergencyroom, on a road, in a cematary… wherever i went it seems something had to get stuck on the image processor. Anyways here are some images from my old phone.